An Allegory of Autumn, attributed to Sebastian Vrancx

Period : 17th century
Origin : oil on panel
Materials : Antwerp, Flanders
Signature : Attributed to Sebastian Vrancx
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The painter immerses us here in the autumnal activities of the villagers of the Flemish countryside.
On the left, a river landscape punctuated by boats and sailing boats circulating on the river, in the distance the outlines of a city are emerging.
On the bank, in the village, the peasants organize the transport of a herd of pigs, while in the background a farmer has slaughtered the pig and its blood is collected in a pan for the preparation of the blood sausage.
On the right on the path lined with winding trees, travelers cross the village.
The painter illustrates a scene of popular life filled with a raw realism, but all the same picturesque and enchanting.
These allegories of the seasons and the twelve months of the year, in which our composition fits, go back to the tradition of Flemish painting of the 16th century.
The design is typical of the works of Pieter Brueghel, of which Sebastian Vrancx was particularly influenced.
According to tradition, each season or month of the year is linked to a certain human activity, which in turn is influenced by the rhythm of nature. Autumn being the period of preparation for long winter months without agricultural activity.

Sebastian Vrancx (Antwerp, 1573 – 1647)

Antwerp painter, pupil of Adam Van Noort.
Received master of the Guild of Saint Luke in Antwerp in 1600, after a trip to Italy, Sébastien Vrancx is one of the most influential artists in the city and becomes the dean of the Guild in 1611.
His extensive repertoire includes scenes of battles and attacks by brigands as well as rustic scenes of daily life, in which he takes up themes dear to Pieter Brueghel.


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