Sold Reference : 92195

An 18th c. portrait of Mme de Rignac, workshop of N. de Largilliere

Period : 18th century
Origin : Oil on canvas
Materials : France
Dimensions : l. 30.71 inch X H. 36.22 inch
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An 18th c. portrait of Mme de Rignac, workshop of N. de Largilliere

Very elegant portrait of an 18th century French high society lady, identified as Madame de Rignac.
She is depicted staring straight at the viewer, her head tilted slightly to the right. Her sweet face with a fresh complexion is crowned by powdered hair, lifted up, styled à la Fontanges, in a high bun and adorned with a few red flowers. Following the fashion, two small curls frame her forehead.
She is wearing a gray satin dress, attached at the front by a gemstone brooch that reveals her blouse adorned with fine white lace. A bunch of red carnations is attached to her chest corset. A blue velvet coat lined with brocade is held at the shoulder by a clip.

Oil on canvas, workshop of Nicolas de Largillière, circa 1710
Dimensions: canvas: h. 73 cm, l. 58 cm

Louis XIV carved and giltwood frame.
Dimensions: framed: h. 92 cm, l. 78 cm

Our portrait is a studio version of the work by Nicolas de Largilliere. Rectangular in size, it was at the beginning of the 20th century in the collection of Charles Sedelmeyer, an important collector and art dealer. The rectangular portrait appears in his catalog of 1906 under number 80, identifying the young woman as Madame de Rignac and with the mention "acquired from the family of the Chevalier de Rignac".
We can assume from this identification that it is probably Isabeau de Querrelle married in 1699 in Montpellier to Jean de Rignac (captain of dragoons of the Valençay regiment). The young woman was the daughter of Etienne de Querelle, an adviser to the king, auditor at the Montpellier court of accounts.
Their son Honoré-Felix de Rignac, received a knight of the Order of Saint Louis, is undoubtedly the Chevalier de Rignac, whose family is mentioned in Sedelmeyer's catalog.


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