A 17th c. North Italian pair of candle-holder angels

Period : 17th century
Origin : Limewood
Materials : Northern Italy
Dimensions : H. 27.56 inch
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A 17th c. North Italian pair of candle-holder angels

Magnificent pair of angels carrying a cornucopia serving as a candle holder.
Made of carved, gilded and polychrome limewood, our pair of angels is a work of great finesse in exceptional and rare original condition, practically intact.
Standing on rounded plinths, large wings outstretched, one hand holding the cornucopia, while the other arm is stretched out in the air in an elegant and mannered gesture.
Dressed in long tunics slit on the front and revealing the leg, the drapes underline the contrapposto of the bodies. The multi-ply fabrics fly in the wind.

The youthful and solemn faces, the eyes raised to the sky, the heads slightly tilted, framed by a magnificent hair with wide curls, clearing the face and falling on the partially bare shoulders.

The effect of movement obtained thanks to the position of the arms and legs, to the sides of the loose tunics, not only brings dynamism to the sculpture but also emotion and majesty.
This aerial grace has the effect of accentuating the incredible plasticity of the figures.

Northern Italy, early 17th century
Very good condition, original polychromy and gilt.
H. 70 cm


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